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Catalyst for α- Phenethyl Alcohol to Styrene


1.Main Functions

We use co-generation of styrene and propylene oxide (PO/SM) method to produce styrene.In this route,ethylbenzene is reacted with the air to generate ethylbenzene hydroperoxide,then react with propylene to produce propylene oxide and α-phenethyl alcohol,then catalytic dehydrated to the styrene.The reaction by-product,acetone,is hydrogenated to produce the α-phenethyl alcohol and then circulates back to the dehydration system.

Gamma alumina is used as catalyst for dehydration production of α-phenethyl alcohol to styrene.The catalyst made by our company has two advantages: (i) high activity and high  stability;(ii) steady running 2000 hours or more under laboratory conditions,and comprehensive product selectivity of 99% or higher.


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Core Technices

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