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Reactor is the core equipment of chemical plant,of which i) the design selection determines the success or failure of the process route;ii) the efficiency determines the economy;iii) the type is different from the particularity of the chemical process;iv) and the reaction mechanism is complicated by synthesizing multiphase polymorphism,physical and chemical factors.For these reasons,our company has carried out a thorough and systematic research.Radial reactor,axial reactor,stirred reactor and shell and tube reactor have many industrial applications by now,and the results achieved is really good.The large radial reactor reaches the scale of Ø4800X30000,and the large tube shell reactor reaches the scale of Ø6000X12000.

Part of the Applications:

(1)200,000 tons/year styrene project in Shandong Province.

(2)120,000 tons/year styrene project in Shaanxi Province.

(3)250,000 tons/year styrene project in Jiangsu Province.

(4)5000 tons/year divinylbenzene project in Jiangsu Province.

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Core Technices

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